CI surgery- Deaf Living today

CW/TW: Professions and CI surgery removal

Today, is the day I persist with courage of the idea of living today.

Living the me in order to be we.

Some of you may be shocked, some of you may be new to this, some of you may be confused and often question with many things.

Today, I went to the meeting of my professions and can you imagine, the fear when I had to see when I was unsure if my rights has been taken away and seeing peers that once became defensive.

As I relaying and sharing to why my thought process and ideas to request for CI Surgery removal

I am telling you, I am actually going to remove my CI.

And I am not stopping.

I am not feeling the need of it.

I am disposing it for what the system had cause me to where I am today.

I am not allowing people to step over me, walk over me, denying with their lies over me.

Because I know what it feels like.

I already did my numbers. I already did my search.

If you feel compel and conflicted of my idea, you will understand that the system had been feeding you, had been making it easier for you and not make it any of us who are Deaf any easier. You of all people enable it.

I am Deaf.

I am choosing to live my truth.


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