Venture forth: 2018

I am bringing my learnings - my past that contribute with lessons that guide me to knowledge, goals, connections, and the spirit within me.

I learn that to know I am aware of my self and the approaching manner to understand where I go, what brings me to, and the many question of all times: Who am I? And where are my supporters?

I am bringing this conversation with emphasis that I believe and what I need to express in this moment.


I am entering a new chapter that unfolds and paint in the canvas before me.


I imagine,


It will be a wave of thrill that euphoria, dopamine and constant wanes and shakes of imbalance, fear and heavy wall, barriers.


I am recognizing this month of December 2017 has been an impact to recognize the opportunity to needing myself co-exist and re-examine what is been offered.


I am learning and emerging young Deaf Queer non-binary artist.

Can you imagine,


A space where we can find ourselves,


A space  that we have limitless resources, creativity, and uplifting meaningful conversation.


an empowerment of meaningful and good to know that you have strong belief in yourself and others that you have contribute in your work and efforts?


I am looking for a great need of supports and empathy in wherever I go both personal and business that growth in relationships.


I am looking for my own people- likemind and willing to similar  goals, mind and discussing even to challenge me and themselves to open whatever broad or depth of the conversation.

I am looking to spread opportunities that not only myself and as well for others and to hope that lasts for generations with inclusion and equality- not injustice hiccuping.


I am have taken my journey to understand how the system has decided not to empower me as a individual to bring my work in the space.

I am a poet and I am also interested in movement as well as signing.

A thing to keep in mind, I grew up oral. Never learn Deaf culture till 4 ½ years.

Another thing to keep in mind, I learn signing for 4 ½ years.

A long struggling to also keep in mind, I have my identity strong as Deaf. You cannot decide how and what it is to be Deaf. Unless, you can taken the time to see for what I am travelling in my entire body and myself.


At the same time,

I feel compelled to take step back to notice my grounding is not welcome.

Ironically, as I want to share my work, the people who decided feel is not fittable for me to do my piece. 


They spoken out of my weight and length out of me.




This is the pact you have broken in between of where you and I meet in bridge meets.

You meet half way.

I meet half way.

Instead, we crumble.

This is why I am no longer going to space that disempower me as a individual and disempower the people I am with.

I am going to make a space that allows me to bring myself and people I share to empower and learn our stories together.


I am walking out of harms and the opportunities that oppresses and people that do not want to try human connection.


I am looking for where I can truly be: me.


I am enough.


That is what my journey and challenges will be to overcome.


I am enough.