Lately... in thoughts

Lately in my thoughts right now:

When access became a word...?

When diversity became a word...?

When inclusion became a word..?

When queer became a word…?

Aren’t some of them formated as white words?

Is there any other words that yet been missing in the top of my brain?

The thought that counts with access,

we forget a lot of the times with : the first things in mind was "safety" in the room. Did we prioritize safe space at this time and moment?

Who hasn't been heard? -> inclusion? What voices hasn’t been heard? Can we agree to some terms? And disagree in sensible way?

Diversity? which never been mention from me or been in my type of words other than hearing and seeing people mention about it. Diversity- differences? abilities? room with people? how many people? I feel this word outshine from one particular person to other.

I want to try to open the floor as this time for others to join this conversation. I think is important we have this dialogue happening because I would like to gain a wide variety of perspectives and not my self alone, In addition, this would not only benefit me, it would benefit for you as well who may be new to these terms and why we need to approach and reframe in a different manner.

You are most welcome to leave questions in the comment.

You are most welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment.

You are also welcome to join other's participants comments and that is only you feel sure enough it is okay to do so. 

That we have each respects sharing our own lived experience and privilege counts. (let me know if this end part is okay in agreement to reword and mention about.)