The Universe will take care of you... if...

[image description: A sketch book writing in points on March 4 2018, "Universe will take care of you...."

1. Self Respect

* Honor yourself, *Credit your self, *Pact of your self, *Believe in yourself, *Acknowledge your feelings,  *Dismantle the barriers.


*Have trust in yourself, *Is this what you want?, *Is this not what you want?

(Could have added, remember who is always behind your back. YOURSELF and people who believe you.)

3. Remember you control, you decide what you do and want.

[ end image description]

I am writing in place where I am in place numerous of people coming back, meeting up with each other to get back their connections, their thoughts are in the air, and many of  their plans with meal. I am recently got back from Bellingham-Seattle- Oakland- San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

The thought of reoccurring moments that comes to my thought "when I can I be myself?" or "How can I be myself?".

The journey I went through to learn from my past from the heart within and the current. "Sankofa" and the "NOW"

Sankofa means "it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind." to look back in the past and learn, is the African wisdom that I have learnt from Ashanti, my sister.

What amazed me that I have still have lot to learn from my self and amazing powerful people that I met.

For example, I have with this journey to learn from the wisdom that Ashanti have pulled me and allow me to be part of the journey. 

I met a few people that hit and impact my change of life beyond. I met this womxn, Sara whom is a sister to Ashanti. Strong POC Latinx womxn. I acknowledge her strength and wisdom that help me to open my lens of what I have been struggling for a long time.

Not only that I was able to learn from Sara, I was blown to experience and be part of amazing time and honor to spent one day at the POC- Latinx school in Santa Cruz with Ashanti and Sara whom is the teacher of the class. Where high school students were questioning many of their curious questions such as Latinx, Intersectionality and Social Justice and Equity all without an INTERPRETER and was through projections and goggle document. That is powerful with only an hour and these young blooming souls are willing to have a conversation with us.

What exactly hit my scope of my lens, was the fact I am still accommodating hearing people. Where I have struggle the process of stopping and not needed to help intentionally all the time. I have grew with oral and oral is exhausting and is pretty much like a guessing game all the time. Not only that I have grew up oral, I have automatically knew what the sounds in some depth of what I have been exposed to. However my brain and my body, cannot handle the limitation effects that I have on me and as much as I would like to be part of the hearing world with so much effort and work. It is not worth draining working on something that isn't essential as working on my self,

"how to be "ME"?"

"How can I grow to a beautiful soul and approach people and myself in a positive meaning of life?"

Sounds can be very toxic in a high-low level of pitches, tone, content and context and environment that is also essential whether it is feeding in a moment of understanding and emotionally.

For someone who has been growing up with hearing aids and Cochlear Implant on one side with two different technology and sound acquired. 

I am not going to continue speaking "FOR" hearing people.

I am not going to bend my back "FOR" hearing people.

I am not going to wait "FOR" hearing people to come tell me, they are too busy.

I am not going to become hearing people just for benefit of being in "your world".

It is time for a life change. A time for a change that is meaningful and I will sign, gesture, and write back and forth to people.

Locally, Regionally, and Nationally. in my space and in your space.

This include everyone my family. My friends. My peers. My boss. Strangers. People in the community and people that are not in the community.

For this trip and journey, it was only a week and 3 days. It is still not enough. I am still working more on self-love and self-respect.