Reflecting the me to we now

Dear universe who are protecting, watching, acknowledging,

I have become to my senses of understanding this journey I am in. The journey which I had to choose which world that is definite for me. I cannot either side in both ways because it does not make sense for me in my perspective.

The understanding that I live in the dominant world that see able bodies to walk, run, hear, white, light skin, pretty looking, basically the image of what society put this expectation for people to have. Or must have.

At the age 19-20, I was moving from Toronto to Vancouver, BC. Which I was still uncertain of my roles, my future and my liberation to plan. I felt uncertain because I am afraid the idea of another world that I haven’t been, I haven’t seen, I haven’t witness all in my entire being until I saw the movie, “Hear Me” a Taiwanese Deaf Film. Back to the point, I am now writing as a 25 year old DeafPOC, ENBY Queer. I am struck with the idea of not having to voice and hear through devices.

I was on a trip to Santa Cruz with my soul sister, Ashanti whom have the courage to withstand with me and saw through with me as a potential being to work together, laugh at each other, think of many things that I don’t often do. I went on this trip to meet a potential friend of ours, and as well as workshop to provide to their students. This person is a hearing Latinx Womxn of Colour. To summarize the part where I am trying to point, she is a strong WOC, with a desire to want to learn ASL. We all were sitting down for dinner. I was naively thought was a good idea to chat in voice in interpretation. I learn that mistake very well this day. This person told me, “Why are you using your voice? Where we hearing people have taken your Deaf culture and language? Why should we accommodated for with speaking and voice dialogue?” This struck me the most, it is of course internalized oppression that the system has enable anyone who by pass as hearing or speak like a hearing to be much more comfortable to oppress other people without a sense of knowledge, without a sense of dialogue, without a sense of history of confirming.

Then there is this part, “Make our lives harder. Don’t make it easier for us. Make us work, make us human connect with your beautiful soul and connection to this world you have offer.”

This has been a valuable day of recognizing how much I have been learning and how much time that I had to work myself to and see myself to really unlearn and make those around me to recognize. The system is actually spoon feeding us to nod our heads to believe, “everything” is okay when it isn’t. We enable it. We allow it to happen because our small action builds up to allowing them in control and not us to begin with. This is what oppression is. This is a cycle and a continuous motion that had happen not just today however that creates what is happen for many years to currently right now.

Now I want to question those who reading,

what is it injustice to you and what do you see catches your attention? What can you do about it? Can you work it alone? Or can you bring people to work with you?